secrets to passing IELTS Test once

What if someone says to you, that there are secrets to passing IELTS Test once?  It is easy, if you know the scope and the secrets of passing same. Passing same once has many advantages. It saves some resources for re-registration. It gives the student the sense of belonging and self fulfillment.


Generally, the importance of IELTS is obviously known to average man. It is basically a major requirement to gain scholarship to study in any English Country. It can be Canada, Uk and other countries within that category. Also, it is a major requirement to relocate to English countries for other activities say work and others.

However, despite this importance of the English Proficiency Test, citizens of many countries struggle to make the average requirement. The general requirement is in terms of pass mark for the purpose of study or work is between 60 to 90 total average score.

Hence, there are many factors responsible for the poor performance of various individuals. It ranges from not being well tutored for such examination to not knowing some secrets of the examination. Importantly, it is worthy of note that this is not a regular type of examination. As such much research, preparation will be an advantage.  For the purpose of IELTS and other related English Proficiency Test Examination, we have here some notable secrets to passing IELTS Test once.

Also, these notable secrets to passing IELTS Test are not exhaustive, but those known to me as at the time of this article. Such, is shown to be well known by number of individuals to help pass this examinations once.

Some of the secrets to passing IELTS Test once:

Get your Materials Ready

Generally, as a student preparing for any examination first thing is to gather the requisite materials. These ranges from online materials, hard copy materials and videos where applicable.

Hence, with respect to IELTS test requisite materials include both soft copy materials on the various internet, videos and hard copy materials. Gathering such materials can be so tedious without proper guide.  Some website has made same available at a free cost for individual who intend to take such examination. They include the following website coursera , udemy and   many others. Getting the requisite materials from coursera and Udemy click here. The materials are available for general consumption without restriction. Also, there materials may not include videos but are reach and valuable for this examination.


Employing tutors involves two categories which include

  • An online tutors
  • Physical tutors

An online Tutors:

This involves using well known online tutor platforms for such purpose. For the seek of this examination individual may decide to platforms like udemy, coursera and many others.

Generally, this does not need physical meeting of the student and the teacher. With the outbreak of corona virus most classes are online. However, this saves time and stress as student just need to register and get their login details. When this is done, individuals can take their classes from any part of the work through the internet connecting the tutor and the student. Also, all online recognized platforms have quality and proficient tutors that are the best. It is both in area of experience and knowledge of the topics, subject and examination guide.

Aspirants of IELTS Examination know that experience in such examination counts. Reason being, it is not a regular examination to most part of the world especially the Africans and the third world countries all over the world.

Physical tutors:

These are individuals in various countries of the world that take others on lessons regarding ILETS examinations. In most countries, individuals use it as side hustle while in others it is seen as business. However, individuals make a lot of money from these activities due to the high rate of people who wish to travel outside the country to find greener pasture.

This is a situation where two or more persons come together for the purpose of learning. The learning aims at passing IELTS examination. The tutor takes their student on the various stages and areas to be tested in IELTS Examination. Some tutors have a fixed center for lessons while others use their home or the home of the student for such lessons.

However, this depends on the package each individual is due for.  At the point of registering for the lessons, aspirant will be given options of registering from packages as may be put together by the tutor. Each package and level of comfort determines the various charges to be paid by the individual. Thus, all arrangement is as agreed by both parties unlike the online platform that has standardized arrangement.


Experience shows that practicing what individual has acquired helps to remember more and memorize same. It is in the best interest of an IELTS applicant to identify peers or individual who are also writing same examination. Once this is done, an individual can easily practice the test questions in group without much stress.

However, it is a notable fact that sometimes it can be difficult to find someone writing the examination to practice with. Notwithstanding, this difficulty can be taken care of by joining social group or community for such purposes. It can be either facebook, twitter, telegram, instagram and others.

Generally, this can of groups has many advantages to an individual writing the examination. There is other useful information given free by experts who are administrators of such group. Also, aspirants will get link up others for same purpose and get other necessary tips. Majority of the tips are free on such platform.

Practice with Previous IELTS Past Questions

As a preparatory measure, studying past questions is very important. It help to know the level of your preparation on the basis of other previous questions. Where an aspirant attempt past questions it help to know the areas of concentration. Not only that, it will give you clue as to where to concentrate more and likely questions.

Generally speaking, past question is a key secret to passing IELT test as it discloses the category or division of the examination into sections. Knowing this helps to know the expectation as to scores in each section of the examination.  Hence, prepare more if need be to meet up the score requirements.

 Watch Youtube IELTS Practice Videos

All materials and guide for such examination are always on the internet but better to be in use after reasonable preparation. As you practice your IELT past Questions there is  likelihood of experiencing technical difficulty in some sections of the examination. This leads to low score below average. Meanwhile, this is not the target of any aspirant and surely needs a way out of such situation. One of such ways out is watching relevant videos on YouTube on how to answer questions on IELTS.

To gain more success watch the videos over and over again. After watching you the approach to attempt every question of the section, sure your performance will improve no doubt. Such examination requires hard work and dedications to achieve, watch every video with full attention .


In conclusion, if you are preparing for IELT Test these secrets can help you pass the test with requisite score. Take advantage of it without delay and travel now to your dream country. check out for necessary materials here.

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