The importance of athletics scholarship in  Nigeria

The importance of athletics scholarship in  Nigeria in the modern days  is very necessary. Its necessity is seen considering the population of Nigeria at the moment on one part. Also,  putting into consideration individual talents of people in Nigeria willing to improve more but no sponsorship from any level. These individuals with the various talents are  in various part of the country.


Scholarship generally is not only for formerly education.  Considering the importance of sports in human life such should be given encouragement. Sports activities is mostly one of the means of relaxation either by playing or watching others play.

However, same is not given wide encouragement in Nigeria like other countries of the world. Many countries of the world have arrangement in place through scholarship to help athletes with talent. Countries wide encouragement in such area of life helps individuals to development and not bound by only former education as seen in Nigeria.

Generally, encouragement of individuals through athletic scholarships help in sports development of a nation. Looking at countries that perform majorly well in international sports competition many have athletic scholarship to encourage citizens develop their talent. As such citizens pay much attention to the interest of the nation. In competition making the nation proud is always their main goal.

That is a way of given back to nation that has positive policy through Athletic scholarship. But in some countries individuals achieve their talents through personal ambition and support from relatives.  In such condition the interest of the nation may not be paramount in international competition.

Some notable importance of Athletic scholarship in Nigeria

Athletic Talent Development:

Every human being that exists under the earth is wit creation one special talent or the other. In countries where is structure for individual development of talent, such is huge investment for the citizens. Athletic talent development through scholarship can be seen as means whereby individuals various talents in athletic field are given necessary support. Majorly by sponsorship and scholarship in necessary academy.

Generally, support of this nature can be either from governmental body or private organizations with such motives. It is however, the case that we have few organizations with such keen interest and motive. Also, where such exist corruption plays out more than meritorious. In such situation individuals with best talents are left behind because they have nobody to speak for them and give them necessary support.

Talent development is part of human empowerment which tends to reduce crime activities in an area. Where majority of the youths are given the necessary support and opportunity to develop their dreams, development will play in faster.

Job creations for the citizens through athletics scholarship in  Nigeria

There are many types of jobs with well pay all over the world including athletic activities.  Putting in place athletic scholarship to help shape and develop talents will create more jobs. Where such is the case individuals who are beneficiaries of such gesture tends to establish private organizations solely for training of young talents for various competitions. Some of the athletes get weekly or monthly pay depending on the nature of contract with the owners. This reduces the number of individual citizens solely waiting on government for employment.

However, this will generate more opportunity for individuals with such talents. Situations where both Government and private individuals make establishment of this nature it will create more job opportunity. Sponsorship through athletic scholarship will improve the countries performance in international athletic sport competition.

Athletic scholarship helps in nation’s performance in international competition.

Generally, considering the impact of the Government and private organizations with major interest in athletic activities through scholarships. Athletic scholarship is key to better performance in international athletic competition. Hence, best talents will have the opportunity to train and develop their talent through the necessary scholarship and sponsorship. Where such exist there will be more healthy competitions among talents. Also, there will be more desires to improve their skills and develop new once from any latest activities.

Reduction in crime Activities through athletics scholarship in  Nigeria

In cities where majority are busy with one activity or the other  there is crime reduction to minimum rate. However, most crime activities in Nigeria are result waste of talents. Such activities of crimes are more among the young talents without sponsorship to achieve their dreams. this result in frustration and crime activities

Generally, athletic scholarship will help reduce the rate of crimes in the cities and in return increase the rate of former education. This is achievable where such arrangement is in place for citizens to grab.

Hence, such scholarship may not be under full fund. It can be under partial  funding and sponsorship depending on the awarding organizations. It can also be solely for teaching the techniques of the sports activities. Also, maybe to help individuals acquire western education in the courses of choice through their good performance in athletic activities.

Comparing other countries where this sports / athletic scholarship is in place, crime rate are minimum. Same can be achievable in our country by taken reasonable steps to introduce such scholarship / sponsorship to help keep young talents brain busy.

Athletic scholarship improves the country’s Economic and Sport Activities

Developments come in different dimension to a nation. Mostly, through the Government activities but individual contribution is not out of place. Considering, athletic activity through athletic sport, such will lead to more sporting activities being built for citizens with such talents. In return international competitions can be giving a host using such facilities in place.

However, countries that host international competition have the chances of generating more capital. As such improve their economy through the number of individuals, countries participating in such competition. Where intentional competition takes places many citizens of such country will be given the moral encouragement to achieve a goal of being an international star.

Hence, it is the rules that where there is no standard facilities hosting international competition become difficult.  At the current stage of country Nigeria without any encouragement of Athletic scholarship, we have poor sports facilities. Therefore, difficult to host any standard athletic international competition in the nearest future.

Ways to Encourage Athletic scholarship in the country:


Establish a commission with athletic scholarship responsibility

as means of encouraging athletics scholarship in  Nigeria

The first stage of the government encouraging sporting activity through scholarship is to establish athletic scholarship commission or board. Such commission will be responsible for the control and encouragement of young talents through scholarship. It shall be its responsibility of such commission to organize talents hunt in various rural areas and schools. Where any young encouraging talents are discovered such will be giving consideration under the Athletic scholarship for either former education or improvement of the talents through necessary sponsorship.

Establishment athletic academy in affiliation to our higher institutions as means of establishing athletics scholarship in  Nigeria

Government can for the purpose of awarding such scholarship establish athletic academy in various parts of the country. This can be in affiliation with our various states and federal Universities all over the countries. Such institution in its affiliations can help in development of such talents and on discovery be given options of academic scholarship through athletic activities.  Or also the options to be in the academy for more training on such Athletic sport.


The importance of Athletic Scholarship remains paramount in our society considering our population stand. Every citizen will not acquire western education and such his talents needs attentions and development.  Generally, developing such talents will give them job opportunity. Equally it will make them contribute more importantly to the society. This, no doubt will reduce the rate of crimes in the society as busy minds do not have time crimes.

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