Nestle manufacturing internship

Taking advantage of opportunity makes you different from other individuals and peers of yours. Your career with the help of Nestle manufacturing internship will be different. Nestle manufacturing company has dedication to helping students achieve greatness in their career through full fund internship programs. The company forward to selecting individuals with excellent performance to provide them with every single opportunities, needs which will enable them to progress in their career during the internship program and beyond.


Nestle is a company is on manufacturing company dealing on variety of goods and service. Hence, The Company has many branches in certain countries. Hence, Nestle is known for its good manufacturing reputation and capacity to impact in the society. This is forms the reason why satisfaction and the high demand of their goods and services by millions of customers, consumers. It is equally a reason for many interests to become shareholder from any country of its current location to share in the dream of impact into humanity and the society.

However, due to the multi nature of Nestle company and wide range for need of different discipline. This decision to impact into the multidisciplinary professionals working together to achieve it aims and objectives becomes more real. Among the team of diverse professional found with Nestle are Engineering, safety, Health and environment, operations excellence, Regulatory and Quality workers.

As means of maintaining reputable ground, Nestle manufacturing company strives with great energy to improve on all angle of production through necessary collaboration with partners.

Nestle manufacturing company is open to people who share the same dreams and wishes to build their career at Nestle. Individuals are given limitless opportunities in areas of Businesses, functions and geographies to help build a more formidable team that will stand a taste of time.

Overview of Nestle manufacturing internship program

Nestle manufacturing internship has the commitment of making students get to their areas of studies through sponsorship. It is aimed at given individuals firsthand and undiluted experience in order to give their great start. It is aimed at impacting directly and positively all necessary mentorship skills and experience.

This will make individuals stand out among their peers in the society and their field of career. It gives individual opportunities to practice whatever they have learnt as theory in the tertiary institutions and beyond.

Application requirement

To apply for Nestle manufacturing internship program, aspirants who under the listed courses applicable must provide the following materials at the point of registration for this internship. It includes the following:

  • Firstly, Applicants recent resume showing the academic achievements of the person from the previous institution
  • Secondly, Applicants resume (CV) must state the extra-curricular activities engagement of such applicant.
  • Thirdly, Aspirants must state the start and end date for the internship program considering their academic calendar

Applicable courses in Nestle manufacturing internship

The awarding institution of this internship program has list of the following field of study as the people with the necessary requisite to apply for this internship program.

Biology and Chemistry, Computer and Information Technology (IT) related course, Economics, Business, Management and Finance, Engineering, Environment and Law.

Nestle manufacturing internship Eligibility Criteria

The company has set some skills and capability as criteria for ideal candidate for the Nestle manufacturing internship program. The skills and capability are as listed below.

  • It is a general requirement that aspirants must be a full time undergraduate students of the above listed degree courses in a recognized tertiary institution.
  • Also, aspirants must have at least minimum of 3.2 CGPA in the relevant specialization of Nestle manufacturing internship
  • Equally, aspirants must show evidence of regular involvement in extra-curricular activities in the tertiary institution.
  • Hence, aspirants must show the ability of team work aimed at achieving interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Aspirants must show desires to build an excellent future career in their various field of study through practical experience, dedication and hard work.

Nestle manufacturing company has expressed desires to give advantage of this internship to student who are about to enter their final year say 400 level 300 level depending the years of your study. All application submission will be in batches, according to the applicant’s stated internship dates.

Application closing date: the application is open. It is our advise to apply early as it can close any day without notice.

Internship level: undergraduates

Value of the internship: fully funded
eligible country: open to all countries

Number of awards: Not applicable

Application procedures

To apply for this golden offer visit the Nestle manufacturing internship official website and fill the form online. The organization has warned that aspirants complete their application as incomplete applications will not be attended to.





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