High achievers scholarship

Determination is the key to every successful person and grabbing every opportunity. Take advantage of this important opportunity to study under High achievers scholarship. This high achievers scholarship is to be taken at Edge Hill University. Generally, this is a keen opportunity for individuals with interest to undergo the necessary studies which this grant is applicable at Hill Edge University.

Hence, there are plans by the awarding institution to grant this offer to individuals with show of high academic prowess. Obvious, such must be from the previous academic institution as can must be seen in academic result and transcripts.

   Category of eligible applicants for High achiever scholarships

The awarding institution made high achievers scholarship open to this category of applicants and students. It includes people who are ever ready to undertake the necessary studies at the Hill Edge University:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Master’s degree students/applicants
  • Full time foundation students

However, as a general requirement there must be an evidence of excellent performance by such individual.

Requirements for High Achiever scholarship

Also, the application is not restrictive in nature. International students from any country who fulfills the general requirements can apply for admission. But such applicant must be resident in UK, Isle Man or Channels Island.

Considering, the necessary requirements and place of resident Individuals, must also fulfill some other requirements. Applicants  with interested to benefit from this  scholarship grant of  high achievers scholarship  shall be willing to undertake full time undergraduate, master’s or foundation studies courses in any of the faculties in the  institution. In addition, will equally meet other requirements below:

  • Firstly, any applicant with interest in high achievers scholarship will have A level Grade or it equivalent.
  •  Secondly, all requirements with respect to A level Grade will be at one sitting and nothing less.
  • Thirdly, every requirement with respect to applicant’s achievement will not be longer than 2018 to access this scholarship grant.
  • Also, individual with high interest In the grant can send in their UCAS application for any of the above degree level above.
  • Upon admission will accept your offer full and complete all necessary documentation before time for payment of this grant

Criteria for non eligibility of high achievers scholarship

Generally, this grant is for international students from different nationalities resident in the above places earlier mentioned. A person becomes non-eligible upon any of this ground below:

  • First, individuals who initially reject any previous scholarship offer from the institution.
  • Secondly, applicants with Hill Edge University as their insurance choice and that are still in existence.
  • Thirdly, any student who sent in his/her application to the awarding institution by clearing is non-legible.
  • If the necessary requirements are in more than one sitting and above the requisite years, such renders you non-eligible for high achievers scholarship.
  • However, individuals coming into the institution on the condition of repeating their first year will be non-eligible for the grant.

Procedures for high school achievers scholarship application

There is generally, there is no special application for the grant. Yearly applicants who sent in their application for admission are given the necessary assessment for the grant. Students under consideration and final awardees’ will receive letter to that effect from the school appropriate authority.

Host University: Hill Edge University

Applicable courses: all the undergraduate, master’s or foundation courses currently in place at Hill Edge University

Eligible nationalities: Students from any part of the world with their resident in Uk, Isle Man or Channel island are due and eligible for the grant

High school achievers scholarship benefits

Generally, this award is not under full fund of the applicant’s school expenses. It aims at setting of certain percentage of the student’s expenses to pay tuition fee with the grant benefits. The benefit is currently at $1,000. This will be on two installment payment during awardees year one of study at the institution.

Send your application to the awarding institution at the known website here.

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