Regent University Scholarships

Individual commitment to a dream is a driving force to success; such is the aims of Regent University Scholarships and financial Aid. To give necessary sponsorship and financial assistance to individual with such commitment and high rate of academic performance.

Generally, Regent University aims helping high achieving potential incoming/freshmen student. Also, it is applicable to current students to give them necessary sponsorship through the best scholarships offer/ financial aid.

The institution in other to achieve this goals has various scholarship platforms for the benefits of freshman students and including current students of the university. Currently, Regent University scholarships term has in places scholarships which range from one organization to another. It includes the following grants and scholarship from:

  • Federal Government  grant
  • State Government grant
  • Private organizations aids/grant
  • Churches grants and scholarships
  • Merit scholarships under some individual sponsorship
  • The $10,000 freedom Scholarship
  • $4,000 home school scholarship
  • $4,000 private school scholarship

Other categories of Regent University Scholarship

However, there is another category known as college scholarships and grants.

Generally, the category cut across all other grants above but specifically for individuals at the college level. Importantly this is an initiative and management of Regent University College of Arts & Sciences. Each Regent University Scholarship Under college category has its own specific requirement for application. As a guide to making a better choice, applicants will read thoroughly the requirements for any one of scholarship of interest before kick starting the application.

Some of the scholarship under the college category

Incoming College Freshman merit-based Scholarships

This is a scholarship applicable for both freshmen students and transfer students of Regent University. The award is generally, from the information submitted during application for admission into the course of choice in the university. Application is not restrictive, therefore apply if its interest you and applicable to your course of choice.

Church Matching Grant

Some religious body and organization as way of improving the level of education and sanitizing the society, contribute positively through scholarship awards. These awards are on semester bases given through Churches or ministry to students of Regent University. Generally, it is always in association with church the student’s attend in the institution. Thus, boost the moral standard of such student and encourage people to keep away from crime due to lack of fund for their daily expenses.

Honor college scholarship as college category of Regent University Scholarship

Application for this grant is on separate bases. It is a requirement to be a student whose admission was during the fall semester. Also, acceptance of such admission must be during the fall semester too. However, to be eligible there must be a separate invitation or interview for this grant application.

Generally, the benefits of this grant are numerous which include the following:

  • Firstly, all travel expenses for any junior/senior applicant going by competitive bases
  • Secondly, students will enjoy class priority during registration
  • Thirdly, free mentorship training under the sponsorship of the university faculty
  • Also, option of receiving addition scholarship from Regent University or other organizations

It is still open for application, apply here

Legacy Award as college category of Regent University Scholarship

This is an award of special consideration for children, grandchildren of Regent University staff or CBN staff. It is on renewable basis for applicants on excellent academic performance.

 Military Dependent Award

As a special treat to individuals who dedicate their lives to serve their country. Some benefits are given to their children through scholarship.   One of such scholarships is military Dependent scholarship. Hence, it is applicable to individuals who relying on the earnings of such military personnel for their educational purposes.

National Merit Scholarships

This is of two types with different pay capacity and eligibility requirements. It includes the following:

National Merit Finalist scholarship

Notwithstanding, things applicable to other type of scholarships national merit Finalist scholarship applies to 100% tuition waiver. Apart from this it is not applicable to housing fee and other common expenses of the student. However, after award before payment it is a requirements to have at least minimum of 3.0 CGPA

National Merit semi-Finalist scholarship

Just like the National Merit Finalist scholarship, this is applicable to benefit the sum of $10,000 Dollars as part fund for their tuition. This is shall be from Regent University acting as the awarding institution.


This grant is generally open to students who at the time of application for admission is with proper induction into PTK before admission into Regent University. Such awardee will receive $1,000 per annum as a benefit for the grant.

Aids at Regent University

Also, the prestigious Regent University has other financial assistance platforms like aids. Regent University Scholarships is consideration for students as one of the many other financial Aids already in place at the campus. Generally, the award of financial aids is given to thousands of students yearly. Also, such aid depends on the individual’s financial needs at the moment.

Application procedures

Aspirants for the Regent University scholarships will apply for admission into any course of choice under Arts and Sciences. However, it known to be applicable for undergraduate degree programs.

As there are many scholarships under Regent University Scholarship, so their requirement differs. Some are given automatic consideration upon application for admission while some need separate application.

The types which need separate application are always due to the category of persons with the applicable eligibility. Under the type without separate application, every individual undergraduate applicant will be given automatic consideration. But such application must be under Arts and Sciences courses and departments for this offer upon application for admission. It is open to all resident; out-state resident, international students as well as transfer students will have automatic consideration for the offer upon application for transfer or admission.

Can I apply for other grants under Regent University Scholarships?

The regent University scholarship is under categories and types. Some types permits individuals to apply for more than one scholarship including grants. However, some does not allow aspirant from applying for other scholarships or financial aid within or outside the institution.

Notwithstanding the restriction, applicants can also apply for the famous USA FAFSA grants and scholarship at the time of filling the admission form. The fact that FAFSA grant gives students several options at the point of application for  admission is an advantage. Students can apply up to number of colleges of their choice permissible under FAFSA Rules. Also, it is an addition at the time of applying for admission and the grant. Generally, it is a very good chance to have many options of gaining admission same year and getting grants to pay off the tuition fee.

Host institution: Regent University

Course level: undergraduate courses

Number of Awardees: This is determinable according to course of choice and the scholarship type.

Eligibility Criteria

Firstly, students to submit application for admission either as a freshman or transfer student to Regent University within time.

Secondly, will register for FAFSA grants at the time for it application and other scholarships which requires separate application by the time of its application.

Applicant can be either Freshman or undergraduate student of the institution

Also, applicants will check the specific scholarship of interest for additional requirements.


Application is simple and it is online.  Apply through a visit to the official website here.

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