Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships

The Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships aim at awarding/sponsoring students who are hard working.  Dedication to studies and high academic performance is equally a great requirement to their study scholarship awards at different level of study.


This scholarship is however, applicable to multiple courses at the university. Consequently, applicant will have to register first and then with proper admission into the institution. Application starts from second semester after assessment of individual performance.

Such assessment is from 1st semester to show applicants performance is above average in their field of study.

Furthermore, Bauhaus University Weimar scholarships are international programs. It is available for students in undergraduate degree, master’s degree, diploma students and graduate students of different countries. It aims at promoting intercultural relationship of people in the institution. Also it gives credit to students with much interest in intercultural development of the university community of the Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships.

Why Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships?

Generally, Bauhaus university is in strategic position in Canada. Its location in the great city of Weimar is great advantage to students due to great nature of cultural heritage in existence at the city. Weimar city is great for its rich cultural heritage and accommodation of different nations. This is the major reasons for establishments like museums, National Theaters, and studios for diversity of music performance.

The organizing committee of the Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships knows the interest of their students.  Every student with high performing academic result enjoys what is due for them through dedication to studies. They make sure that every student enjoys the challenge of moment of great academic performance through scholarships.

What is the applicable opportunity and courses Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships?

Generally speaking, this grant is open to individuals under every field of study. Therefore, individual who has interest to attend the Bauhaus university school will be ready to work hard to earn more scholarship through good academic grades at the campus. Also, it is not applicable to individual that is currently receiving any other public fund. Such individuals are not eligible for the grant even with the highest academic performance in the university.

Country eligibility for Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships program

Notwithstanding, that the program is applicable to all course at the institution at the moment. They are no limitation to nations eligible to send in their application at the moment. It is open to different nationalities of the world to participate in. in conclusion it open for international students participation. People from all continent of the world are eligible to send in their application before the closing date.

 Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships general eligibility criteria

The Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships have certain criteria for applicant to certify before application and participation in the program. However, certifying the criteria is not an automatic award as applicant will receive a notification of the award after due consideration. The criteria include the following:

  • Firstly, applicant must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • Secondly, will be a student either undergraduate or graduate at Bauhaus university Weimar as the time sending the application.
  • Thirdly, it is a requirement that all applicant will show great in interest in cultural, intercommunity development of the institution

 Bauhaus university Weimar scholarships fund disbursement

Generally, funding of successful applicant may vary depending on applicant course of study. In such situation applicant will have read the funding prospectus for each course to know how much he or she is eligible to receive from the awarding institution.

However, this is not a full fund scholarship program. The awarding organization will pay certain percentage of the school fee and applicant will take care of the rest. Generally, students enjoying other public funding are not eligible. However, it is an advantage that awardees of these scholarships has the requisite permission to work while enjoying such. Equally, such work will comply with the terms of the award as anything contrary is termination of the offer.

The period of the grant is for 12 months during studies at Bauhaus university Weimar. Successful applicants will receive €450 per month till the end of the 12 month period.
Study country: Canada

Course level: undergraduate and graduate studies

Closing date: January 31st yearly.


All requisite documents for the application are below. Also, it is to be in one PDF file after scanning and such not more than 15MB. Note, that anything above these requirements will not be accepted and such will be difficult to upload. They include:

  • First, curriculum Vitea of the applicants
  • Secondly, it is a requisite to write a motivation letter with respect to you motivation to study at institution.
  • Thirdly, print of the necessary results from the appropriate authority showing your academic performance.
  • Also, evidence of other extra-curriculum activities in the campus with aims of developing the academic community


Consider your eligibility status for this grant, and then send in your application at the Bauhaus University scholarship portal.



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