Vietnam scholarship program

Dreams are motivations of actions with equal forces of work in place, thus Vietnam Scholarship is here for your dream come true. Vietnam scholarship program is yearly routine of the awarding organization for undergraduate and graduate students. It is not with any restriction as regards your country of origin rather open to students of international standards.

Category of Vietnam Scholarship Program

Generally, Vietnam scholarship is of two known category. Each is however applicable to different set of individuals from any country of the world. It includes the following:

  1. Full fund Vietnam scholarship
  2. Partial fund Vietnam Scholarship

Both categories are applicable to undergraduate and graduate studies of international students in any of study countries.

Vietnam Scholarship Learning language

Notwithstanding, this scholarship comes in a way that individual from any part of the world must in the local language of the country of study. Equally, as part of promoting cultural discipline in different countries of the world is it aims. Also, applicants are to take one year to equip themselves with the requisite speaking of the native languages.

Generally, the one year for the language skills is however inclusive in the scholarship award years whether full fund or partial funding.

Vietnam Scholarship coverage

Awardees of these grant has wide range of scholarship benefits and coverage. However, such is dependent on whether it is full fund or partial fund award.

Full funding category

The category of master’s degree under full sponsorship has the entitlement of $5400 as benefit of the award. In addition for the yearly benefit is 2 years free accommodation from the awarding institution. The grant is for period of two years without option of renewal after that.

That is to say, such is applicable for master degree courses of not more than 2 years.

Also, in area of undergraduate studies, it is the sum of $7140 as varsity fee. Equally, enjoyable is free accommodation for a period of not less than four years during the period of study. Generally, this grant is for courses of not more than Four years.

Partial funding category

Individuals under partial funding of Vietnam Scholarship will enjoy the following benefits. Each benefits is dependent on whether bachelor degree course or master degree course.

Bachelor degree students will enjoy the sum of $3570 school fees yearly and accommodations for the period of four years.

While master degree students will enjoy the benefit of $2700 for 2 years of study. Equally, 2 years free accommodation and nothing more.

Vietnam Scholarship program Courses

For the purpose of clarification and simplification this category will be according to level of study. The two major levels of studies are: bachelor degree and master degree courses.

Bachelor degree courses

Some of the courses under the bachelor degree programs are in collaboration and association with some other well known university in Vietnam.  Each course is dependent on the institution with the best track record for same.  Therefore, applicants will be ready to study in any institution that has partnership with the study institution of the award. As it stands institutions with collaboration and partnership in each course will come alongside the courses. Bachelor degree courses include

  • Food Technology to be taken in partnership with University of California Davis, United State of America
  • Environmental science and Management courses to be taken in partnership with University of California Davis, USA
  • Agricultural Economics courses to be taken in association with University of New England Australia
  • Agricultural Technology courses in association with Pingtung University of Education, Taiwan.

Master Degree courses

Vietnam Scholarships has provisions for only one area of study for master degree and it is as below.

  • Environmental science courses in master’s degree program for individuals with similar undergraduate degree certificate. It is to be taken in association with University of Greifswald, Germany.

Application Requisite Criteria

  • Firstly, applicant can be an international standard student from any part of the world.
  • Secondly, it is applicable to both undergraduate and master degree courses in the necessary applicable courses.
  • Thirdly, for undergraduate courses it requires high school result or a diploma whichever is more applicable from your country.
  • Also, for master’s degree it requires bachelor Degree Certificate, IELTS test score of at least 5.5
  • Equally applicants for undergraduate courses not more than 30 years and 40 years for master’s program.


  • Firstly, applicant’s letter of recommendations from the appropriate authorizes.
  • Secondly, copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae showing his or her photo.
  • Thirdly, necessary police clearance from the appropriate quarters in your country of police authority.
  • Also, copies of the necessary degree certificate applicable for master degree students.
  • Importantly, copies of applicant’s passport photo and birth certificate to show real age of every applicant.
  • Application form properly filled as maybe required from the host institution.

Scholarship country: Vietnam

Scholarship Levels: Bachelor degree program and master’s degree program.

Closing date: Vietnam Scholarships closes officially on the 30th day of June 2021. Also, note this is applicable to only international students as Vietnam Citizens are in eligible to apply for the grant.

How can I apply?

All documents submission is online through the official website of the institution. Kindly visit the official website for Vietnam Scholarship to apply. Click here to apply.





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