Top schools for merit scholarships

The top schools for merit scholarships that best suit the interest of individual with low income. Putting into consideration that such individuals hardly qualify for other aids. These schools can give opportunity to earn some cash, even with the merit scholarships offer.

Generally, most of the merit scholarships in the schools are applicable to current courses in the school. But some has restriction to some area of study in the institution and without more. It can be in area of sciences, art or general studies. It does not matter if you have national merit status to apply for them at the institution.

Also, the institution under review and discuss is in good locations, nice atmosphere for learning and other notable extra-curricular activities for student enjoyment. Equally, there is sound structure and track record on undergraduate research from the institution.  Research is mostly achievable through known structure of study in the school.

 Top Notable schools for merit scholarships

All schools with notable top merit scholarships recognize academic excellence as the main criteria for it award. It include the following institutions below

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt has good design of national merit scholarships for individuals. Considering this school for their national merit scholarship offer, is good due to additional merit scholarship grant. That is, Vanderbilt University in addition to the normal national merit scholarships has other supplementary merit scholarships.

However, the supplementary offers are available for those who could not make it in the national merit award. In the additional merit award students have the opportunity of receiving from $2,000 to $5,000 yearly from different sources.  Apply on Vanderbilt University official portal.

Washington University merit scholarship

Another notable top school in area of Merit scholarship award that comes to mind is WashU. It has good structure and in good location too. However, its award is on the criteria of high academic performance of the applicant. The institution is known for its award of merit scholarships in both full funding of tuition fee and partial funding of tuition fee. Visit their official portal to send in your application

John Hopkin University merit scholarship

JHU merit scholarship grant is a non-repayable scholarship for student with track record in academic field of interest.  National merit scholarship at JHU is different with other private individuals’ scholarships equally available in the institution. It is open to everybody that meets up the criteria for the award upon enrollment and application for same grant. Kindly visit their official portal to apply for the grant.


Students with high/outstanding performance from the various colleges are welcome to apply for UChicago merit scholarships. The application for this grant starts with various application for admission into any course of choice at the institution. Some criteria are pre-requisite apart from the high academic performance. It includes interest in community service to help impact positively in society. Also, a pre-requisite is evidence of applicant’s extra-curriculum activities. Equally, leadership quality of such student is an advantage above other applicant. It only serves for the period of undergraduate studies in the institution.

Therefore, all first year students with high academic proficiency are given automatic consideration for the grant yearly.

USC Merit Scholarship

Generally, USC offers many internationally known scholarships inclusive of merit scholarship. Applicants with interest to study in USC under their merit scholarship will be at alert to apply by December 1 yearly. Students apply for admission cum the scholarship grant as there is no separate application.

However, applicants need to demonstrate leadership skills and talents toward community development. Also, evidence of community service by applicants is necessary. It is not restrictive as it equally apply to other fields of study like Athletic and Artistic study.


As a final year high students seeking admission to study course choice at the university Harvey Mudd College has scholarship package for you. The arrangement of their national merit scholarship award is topnotch and will highly interest you. Applicants need to make the college his or her first choice of institution to stand a better chance for Harvey Mudd College merit scholarship.

Also, student under this scholarship has an option of renewal of same. However, it is on the fulfillment of certain criteria. Such criteria, is being on the scale of excellent academic recognition in your area of study.


In case you meet the criteria of any of the above institutions and you need merit scholarship award, apply. They are known for their record academically and their scholarship award is topnotch. Considering the various locations of the institutions it worth apply for admission to take up a career course with them. Generally the major requirement to enroll and qualify for this grant is high level of CGPA. The CGPA may vary from course to course but not with much difference. Also, know the period of their admission by visiting their website regularly and sending mails to the scholar for further inquiries.

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