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To study Abroad under scholarships, Guides and procedures are necessary to achieve success with easy. Generally, the major constraint of studying abroad for majority is finance while others is an opportunity to institution of their choice. There are more than enough scholarships available for international students aiming to study abroad. However, to determine eligibility applicants will have to consider their countries of study. Some are applicable in any country of the world, while some are applicable in some specific countries and specific high institution of learning. Individuals with the dream of acquiring certificates from any country either as undergraduate, postgraduate, technical vocation and others; this guides and procedures is at your interest.

Study Abroad under scholarships, guides and procedures are generally preliminary things which are very important to success of your study. It includes things to be put in consideration before applying to study abroad.

What are the things to put into consideration before applying to study abroad?

Where to study abroad

The first thing to put under consideration is where to study abroad. This is a major determining factor to success of your study abroad. In making this decision, it is important to consider factors like cost of living, whether conditions and security situation of the country. Also, it is equally necessary to make proper research on the intentional ranking of the institutions in the country. This should also put into consideration your intended course of study.

Where to study abroad is equally necessary for applicant to put into consideration of the educational policies of the country. The most important policy is with respect to international students.

Identify institution of choice

There are millions of standard international universities, colleges and other technical schools. Each institution, be it universities, colleges, technical or vocational schools have their known track records. Their track records are majorly in different courses of study in the institution. Some rank better in science related courses, others in social sciences while others in law.

First thing here is to identify well ranking institutions on your course of choice. After necessary identifications of all high ranking institutions, what next? The next is to compare its head to head performance before your first choice decision.

The identification of institution of study is equally putting into consideration structures and human power available on your course of study. Compare institutions of choice with other relevant ranking institution on your course of study list.  Research on the institution known record on the course of choice and compare same to other institutions. This will help you take a sound decision on the ratio of the institution on your course with other institutions.

Language of where to study abroad

This is very important for every international student especially people who speak other languages apart from the most top world known languages. Some countries and institutions that uses their local language as means of impacting knowledge requires international students to spare some time to learn the local language.

However, individuals are to consider language barrier in country of choice. After due considerations of such language difference, applicants can decide the way forward. It can be to either learn the local language of the country or apply to other countries. Learning such languages are always difficult for individuals under self sponsorships. It is always more conducive for students under scholarship sponsorships.

Available scholarships

Your choice of institutions, where to study and course of study should be greatly influenced by available scholarship. In area of institutions consider the available scholarships in the institution that you will qualify for. It is best to consider full fund scholarships than partial funding scholarships. Despite how your preparation is to study abroad fund is always very necessary especially support. This support is mostly in form of scholarships and contribution from families, friends etc.

It is very important to consider your qualifications for these categories of scholarships: Government scholarships, NGO’s Scholarships and your school of choice full fund scholarships.

Also, consider the possibilities of applying for more than one scholarships sponsorship during the study period at the institutions. This is applicable to all field of study be it undergraduate students and postgraduate students.

Time for the scholarship applications

Most importantly, you need to check the period such scholarships. From past experience most scholarship applications is at the point of applying for admission. Indirectly such does not require separate application unless otherwise. Some others require separate application at some point in time different from the time of application for admission at institutions.

Educational policies of the country of study

Different countries have different educational policy. These include the number years of study, starting from primary school to higher institutions. Also, not left out is the year of postgraduate studies.

Generally, this differs from one course to another. In some countries professional courses like law is for six years inclusive of law school. Others like medicine six years and so on. Some other non-professional courses run for fours in some countries while in others it may be less.

In respect of postgraduate courses, in some countries masters’ degree courses last for one year and eight months or less depending the course. While in other countries it is higher than one and eight months.

All these are seen in the educational policy of the country. Therefore, in an application to study in any country of interest and choice, applicants need to consider the various educational policies ranging from duration of study in course of interest. Determining this will help such individual make proper plans ahead of the study period.

Job opportunity during study period

The nature of some high institutions in some countries permits students to work while studying. As a matter of fact this is an advantage to international students who wishes to work and support themselves at their countries of study. This can serve as an alternative of scholarships for individuals who are yet to get any scholarship grant. It is necessary to consider institutions with such opportunities. Also, consider the country’s minimum pay per hour where applicable.

What some general study abroad international scholarships.

some available scholarship are below:

Fulbright Scholarship

Host country: United State of America

Host Institutions: High institutions in United State of America

Level Study: postgraduate Studies

Eligible nations: International Students

No of Awardees: not known

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Award country: UK

Nature of award and grant: full funding

Number of Awards: not known

Level of Award: undergraduate and Graduate students

Eligible Nations: international students

apply on the official portal here.


The various headings above are guides to help students with interest to study abroad. It is to help make proper choice of place of study abroad, institution and others. Generally, this is not exhaustive according to individuals choice and interest but this are the major once to that needs proper attentions. Individual’s choice differs so due countries of study differ according to various choices of individuals. Do not make a decision because of your friend, rather follow the above guide and define what you want.


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