Worth for Canadian Scholarships

The various worth for Canadian Scholarships defers according the needs and aims of the scholarship in question. The points of difference most times, are tiny but it speaks much about the worth of such scholarship or scholarships.

Generally, there are many well known international and in state Canadian scholarships. Most of them are popular due to its worth. While some are popular due to the awarding institution, or alternatively the scholarship host institutions. The popularity of such institution can influence the famous nature of its scholarship awards despite its worth at the moment.

Factors that influence the worth for Canadian scholarships

Nature of the scholarship award

Notwithstanding other factors, the nature of scholarship award is of huge influence on the worth of a scholarship. The nature here relates to either full funding or partial funding of the scholarship. Importantly, some full fund scholarship provides all necessary amenities of importance to the awardees. However, such privileges are only for the period of the grant. While other full fund scholarship award provides only the full tuition fee and nothing more.

Also, some scholarship grants are partial funding. In this situation, the awarding institution makes provisions for certain percentage of the tuition fee and no more. Here, there are no provisions for accommodations and other related benefits to the beneficiaries. It only provides the worth of certain percentage to reduce school fee payable by a student.

The awarding Organization: Government or NGOs

The awarding organization or institution influences the worth of the scholarships greatly. They make the all necessary decisions  for the award of the grant. Such decision includes number of awardees, the benefits, criteria for qualification, the period of application, eligibility of countries and other related things.

However, the worth of any scholarship grant is basically from the resources set out by the awarding organizations. Therefore, the determining factor is the budget of the awarding organization for the year of the award.  It also, means, if in any way the income of the awarding institution, organization or person decreases the worth of such scholarship May likely decrease or drop.

Most of the awards by the government institution are always on full funding as against private awarding institutions. Some of such awards are both with state or country and some on international levels. It covers undergraduate and graduate students too.

 The Number of awardees

Many scholarship grants are in such that it’s accommodate more people but not on full funding. While some scholarship grant accommodate less student and gives full funding to its awardees. Also, the jurisdiction of the various numbers of awardees goes far in influencing its worth. The number of awardees helps to determine how much an awarding organization, institution or person will spend and thereby take a decision on the worth to be attached to the grant.


How to determine the worth for Canadian scholarships

There few things which help applicants to know the value of the scholarship grants. Some of the things are below.

How full fund determine the worth for Canadian Scholarships

To determine value and worth of a scholarship to study in Canada, an applicant will need to know the status of the scholarship. Scholarships are mostly referred to full funding if it makes provision for the full tuition of the awardees. However, some other full funding scholarships provide for other miscellaneous expenses to help the students concentrate on their studies. Some things to look at for under full funding scholarships include:

Know the Scholarship awarding institution to determine the worth for Canadian Scholarships

Most government Scholarships awards are on the full funding ground. It covers other extra expenses like accommodations, feeding, textbooks and other relevant things that form needs of a student.  Therefore, most of the government awards take care of the important needs of the students including upkeep of the awards. Such awards are seen in most international postgraduate and undergraduate students study of either federal or state government.

Does it cover miscellaneous expenses?

The obvious fact remains that some scholarships are under full funding but does cover extra expenses other than school fees. To determine the value, worth and benefits of a particular scholarship it is necessary to know if it aims at covering expenses like travel expenses, text books, accommodations and others.

How partial funding determine the worth for Canadian Scholarships

Some Canadian scholarships are partial funding. This implies paying certain percentage of the tuition fee or direct deduction from the tuition by the institution. Every scholarship upon application discloses its terms of award as it regards full or partial funding. Therefore, it is necessary to check out these criteria upon application of any scholarship.

All these factors together and others help to determine the value, worth and benefits of a scholarship in question.

Know the worth for Canadian Scholarships with high value and worth for international students’ applications

Under this topic we shall consider some scholarships on both full funding and partial funding. It includes areas of Undergraduate and postgraduate Studies.

Vanier Canada Scholarships

The award of this grant is to graduate students with aim of helping them carry out their research work in top Universities in Canada. It a partial funding Scholarship, which reduces the tuition fee for the period of your postgraduate studies and research.

Carleton Undergraduate Scholarships

This helps incoming international undergraduate students achieve their academic goals. It focus’s on improving the study condition of freshmen and undergraduate student who shows high intellectual performance. It is a fully funded covering only the Tuition fee for study period not more than four years. Apply on the official website of the institution.

Entrance Scholarship at Calgary

Generally, it is full fund grant open for international students applying to study various courses at the institution. There is no restriction for application as it is together with application for admission into the institution. It is only applicable for courses with duration range of four years. As a requirement applicants will show high academic performance in previous colleges or qualifying examinations to gain admission in the institution. Applicants under the qualifying course shall be given automatic consideration. Send in your application on the institution official website to stand a chance.


There are many other scholarships with great worth in Canada institutions. This is just few for your guidance in searching for others.


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